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Mobile operator MTS announced an increase in subscription fees for a number of popular tariffs. From February 25 MTS raise the rent on archival tariffs employed by Smart, Smart Nonstop, “Smart Bezlimita” and “My Bezlimita”. The increase will amount to 100 rubles depending on the tariff plan.

MTS has notified subscribers about the increase in the monthly fee on the number of tariffs on its official website. The operator began to personally notify the customers affected by the changes, by sending SMS with a link to the news about the increase in fees.

The increase of subscription fees will occur at the following rates:

  • “Smart 012018”
  • “Smart 032017”
  • “Smart Nonstop 082015”
  • “Smart Nonstop 082016”
  • “Smart Nonstop 122015”
  • “Smart Bezlimita 032017”
  • “Smart Bezlimita 052016”
  • “Smart Bezlimita 092016”
  • “My Bezlimita”

In the case of each rate, except for plan “My Bezlimita”, MTS will offer users improved conditions. For example, on the tariff plan “Smart Bezlimita 092016” will increase the package of minutes, at the rate of “Smart Nonstop 082015” — will be available online, etc.

But along with this increase in fee rates. The increase will be 5-10%. Depending on the rate of increase of the subscription fee will amount to 100 rubles. To check how it will change your rate you can on this page of the official website of MTS.

Source: MTS.


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