Murtazin Size and argue who further distanced from reality.

Well-known analyst Eldar Murtazin started today with comparing sales of the Apple iPhone and Huawei Honor in MTC.

Morning news from the field of price war. Sales Honor for yesterday is already easily bent Apple in MTS, if usually 2 to 1, yesterday 8 to 1, the growth continues. Continue to follow the beating – sorry even once

— Eldar Murtazin (@eldarmurtazin) December 2, 2018

Another analyst Valentin Petukhov, who many of you know under the name Size, very quickly responded to the message Murtazin fake humorous poll.

Once the tweet Murtazin said that MegaFon will also have to give a price to maintain competition. The analyst then decided to respond to jokes Size.

Poor women of Russia, is they impose on the purchase of Android-based smartphones, in particular, of the same Honor. Saying don’t buy iPhone, buy Honor. What typically the iPhone cheaper in the same category, and they are foolish not to buy it. Learn the world @wylsacom – unicorns ran here

— Eldar Murtazin (@eldarmurtazin) December 2, 2018

Size promptly replied to the message.

Eldar again arrives in your world, where girls want Honor more iPhone. Although his survey showed that it is not. Buy – because Huawei is aggressively selling them on the verge of profitability to gain market share. OK camera for the money, nothing more.

— Size (@size) August 2, 2018

As girls take the Honor?


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