With age, people become cranky, gradually turning into grumpy grandfathers and grandmothers at the entrance.

“Want to dispute your word was the last? Tell opponent: “Perhaps You’re right!”, – Winston Churchill.

Over the last couple of weeks leading mobile analyst of Russia Eldar Murtazin, and expressed their discontent on Twitter.

He interfered with the music coming from passers-by in the AirPods in the subway, not allowed to sleep the results of the quarterly reports of Samsung, and now he’s honored by the attention the game Fortnite. His failure in the Royal rumble, the author decided to put the blame on the developers of “mismanagement”.

Despite the fact that Fortnite every play millionov dozens of people with mobile devices to all of the commenters supported the author.

Possible inconvenience is the use of smartphones Samsung for games. After all, no one player on your iOS gadget over half of the mobile version of the game has not grown tentacles and probably aliens they are not.


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