A leading analyst of Mobile Research Group, Eldar Murtazin, published in Twitter message that expresses dissatisfaction about Nokia and Apple, ennobling thus Samsung.

Selfie on the Galaxy Note 9

Eldar Viktorovich, criticized Nokia for raising the price of smartphones, and sarcastically predicts the growth of prices for new iPhone models in October. Samsung this time has failed your most devoted consumer, by raising the bar to 69 990 rubles for the Galaxy Note 9 with 6/128GB of memory, and then it becomes unclear what is meant Murtazin under the price reduction on the Samsung. The reaction of Twitter users don’t have to wait long.

Also, the author of the tweet encouraged “to hurry up with purchases,” which hints at a weak pre-orders for the flagship Note 9. It might even be a hidden marketing ploy by Samsung.

In fact, no price war there, and what new gadgets Apple can exceed a mark in 100 000 rubles, will depend on heaps of different factors. The ruble against the dollar, the US sanctions imposed on China, new parts – it is only “a drop in the bucket” when pricing new products.


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