This story is on social networks have called the apotheosis of greed and a vivid example of consumer terrorism. It all started with the fact that a young resident of the Russian capital named Alina suddenly stopped working beloved iPhone 5s — picked and artfully refused after three years of flawless daily service.

Most of us caught in such a situation, sigh’d, then sent the old device to the scrap, and would go to the store for a new smartphone. But not Alina. Alina contacted by Apple and told them about the untimely demise of guys, the Americans said to the girl — suggested to conduct the examination.

Okay, so expertise expertise. Muscovite sent the iPhone to research, and he was found defective. Aline Apple returned the money for the iPhone. She got 34.5 thousand rubles worth of iPhone 5s in 2016 at the time of purchase.

“But the girl is still unhappy. She felt that it suffered losses without any contact. And suffered distress. She appealed to the Presnensky district court of Moscow, demanding to pay her 70 thousand rubles,” — said on 30 October, the telegram channel Mash.

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