Holidays like the New year is pleasant, certainly, in and of themselves, and additional days off. But it is also a time of gifts. However, part of them the donee is not happy: in the first week of January in stores grows the number of returns, and services with free ads, a growing number of proposals were totally new things, along with gift packaging. What gifts are often returned or sold and why, found out the correspondent NGS.

Peak getting rid of the gifts we have, of course, in the first three months of each year in January the city’s residents seek to return or resell Christmas gifts in February and March — the gifts received on “gender” holidays, the defender of the Fatherland Day and international women’s day.

Service “Yula” such bursts of commits each year. In the past year, analysts services noted that, for example, after “gender” holidays dramatically increased the number of women who sold home appliances and the goods for the house, and the men who got rid of items of clothing (many now probably remembered the infamous socks).

An employee of one of shops of home appliances and electronics on condition of anonymity, told the NGS that this situation is typical for all the holidays, but more pronounced is the New year.

Trying to return, but first and foremost, of course, “dorogostaisky”: smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets.

There are times when purchases are made in the heat of passion: before the holidays it happens all the time, and then it turns out that the new laptop here it is, and the bread to buy it, he sneers.

In the stores network DNS for a request of the correspondent NGS during the preparation of the material did not answer, and in the group “M. Video — Eldorado” information about the mass refunds is not confirmed.

— According to statistics, the share of returns retained approximately the same level during the year, pre-holiday sales growth does not cause the increase of the share returns of the total number of sales in January, commented in a press-service of the group.

According to the company, among the most popular gifts include smartphones, headphones, appliances for beauty and personal care and game products — consoles, accessories and the actual game.

A lot of equipment after the holidays is of private ads. According to experts Avito, among the donated smartphones Novosibirsk was not satisfied, for example, XR Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy J7, teXet TM-414.

— There were those who just didn’t like the color of the new smartphone: the resident was dissatisfied with the color of the new iPhone 7 instead of the Golden hue the young man gave black. However, the new buyer was found pretty quickly — said the press service.

But in General, added the company, frustrated owners of new smartphones in Novosibirsk a little: by January 10 the proportion of such proposals compared to January 1, increased by only 1%. The demand for them within 10 days 2019 increased by 37% (in the whole of Russia — 49%) and prices, by contrast, fell, albeit by just 1%.

— If we consider the growth proposals as the addition of “apodoses gifts” to the total weight of the sold phones, it is logical to assume that people are willing to part with things that were not paid, without charge and would be in principle happy to help them any amount, suggested in a press-service.

In addition to smartphones, personal ads among a number of proposals and other new gadgets — sometimes even in the package.

Jeanne from the campus of put up for sale wireless headphones Beats Solo3 that “used no more than 60 hours.” For 25 thousand rubles in auction new iPad Pro. “The new iPad (purchased during the holidays), from the original film didn’t get activated just to see if it works” — says the author of the ad.

Novosibirets Alexey, however, using popular online services tablet, obtained at a professional contest as a prize to sell it could not — according to him, the buyers were very strange.

— I started calling students, offering to buy for 5 thousand, some migrant workers willing to take right now, at three in the morning if I brought it on Hiloksky market. And any decent person. A week later I took off the price tag, and a week removed from “Craigslist” ad, because the degree of inadequacy only increased, he said. —

In the end, the upshot was that my friend went to the underpass in the square of Marx to push the tablet to local traders in stolen phones.

Fortunately I have before going there whether intuition leaped, or a vision of some kind appeared, and I opened on a smartphone from a page from the website of the organization that conducted the competition, where was the list of winners. In the third or fourth booth, I agreed to buy a tablet, but then goes past the patrol, and I’m standing near the kiosk with this box. And documents confirming that the tablet has been purchased, I have, of course, no no. And I’m getting very keen interest in the police to tell the whole story about the contest and about the prize I don’t need, and I decided to sell it. I must say, the police were very polite, listened attentively and asked only that I can confirm your words. Here is in advance open page of the site and handy. See, say, a serious Federal structure, here it says that the winners received tablets, but the list of winners. And here are my first and last name that match what you see in my passport.

Among the ads you can find and obviously Christmas gifts. For example, for 200 rubles sell silver pendant in the form of a Christmas candy-cane for 1.5 thousand — Christmas pendants-charms Pandora in the form of koteyki in Christmas cap with gift and complacent grandma with cookies “in use was 1 time”. Both proposals — in a gift box from stores.

According to the survey of the service “Yula”, which was attended by 1.3 thousand people, 15% of women and 10% men at least once in my life I sold some disliked gifts.

Siberian Elena confessed to NGS, which is quite a lot of gifts sold after the wedding.

— We have then a large number of well-wishers who have tried to equip our way of life. Desire, in General, is commendable, but we insisted not to do it, — says the girl. The whole apartment was filled with the appliances, which we didn’t use. I began to slowly resell: we were students, money was a little, little space. Now I am ashamed of their behavior: the truth came out fairly quickly, and I understand that all donors resent me for it, deservedly so. But I suspect that if I were again in such a situation, would probably do the same.

But most of the city’s residents, who were able to interview, prefer not to resell, re-gift unwanted gifts.

— I have a good memory, I’m a very observant person, and, if you know what the person wants, and I sit on it, I give him. My friend really wanted to make a good gift and gave Louis Vuitton bag, specially went to the company store in Moscow. I knew she was a branded, but it looked disgusting. I was upset that a lot of money has gone in vain, — Marina told. — I’m gifting this to a person who is from one logo [crazy].

— The New year, February 23 and March 8, I start to create a complex schema, that someone peredarit. Towel with piglets it, gel it, this candle holder, agrees Elena and immediately warned: — the Main thing — not to get confused, because funny stories are often. See the gifts given to the mother in law I leave, like my parents.

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