The trial of Julian Assange is about to begin. And who will judge? Who he really is, this founder exposing website WikiLeaks and reference truth in the world?

In the history of Julian Assange, oddly enough, there’s nothing detective. No mysterious disappearances or fatal beauties, nor of the shoots in the trunk of a car or miniature submarine, surfaced helpful in the nearest puddle.

Assange is a typical yuppie (young ambitious. — “WM”). Busy businessman or a qualified technician who is constantly on the road or at work, with a confused personal life, without family, friends and biography.

When historians will wonder what to call the era 2010 years, surely someone will propose to call it the “era of freedom”. This, of course, about the Internet.

It was a truly unforgettable time. Could all — download any books, music, movies, documents, scientific works that has ever been posted on the web. Owners and supervisors have not yet understood how to deal with such unbridled feast of freebies, which overnight depreciated the market for video and audio environments. Why spend money on a CD or tape if you download paying for access to the network? State for a long time I also believed the Internet is something worthy of attention.

Well, sitting at the screen download the film red-eyed, well, doing something strange… So the moment when the net held all the countries of the world and almost without exception the population of most developed countries, has passed imperceptibly for the powerful, who habitually believed that the TV and Newspapers are the main organs of information management.

The story of Julian Assange has become the most fat, the most noticeable point, which ended the era of unlimited freedom in the network. After Assange of the country, even with the most liberal legislation decided to tighten up the valves flows of electronic information.

We draw historical Parallels and to determine who is Julian Assange is a genius or a villain, is not easy.

He has not created anything fundamentally new. Bill gates and the late Steve jobs (founders of Microsoft and Apple. — “WM”), in terms of contribution to progress has done much more. Opened Assange and the world no new truths. The fact that the powers that be in actually doing something, often contrary to the laws and human rights, actually somehow suspected all who are more or less interested in history or politics.

Rather, Assange is like Herostratus (ancient Greek, which is to become famous burned the temple of Artemis at Ephesus. — “WM”). Only here he does not set fire to the temples, and, as they say now, the chairs of those who for some reason touched on the story of WikiLeaks.

Biography troublemaker anything outstanding does not differ. Born in Australia in the most prosperous family. At teenage age was fond of computer and programming. Was the end of 80-ies of the last century. On the photo he is a typical nerd: the long, unkempt hair, tied in a ponytail, slender addition, acne. The world around was changing rapidly.

In the trend were the words “perestroika” and “glasnost”, which marked the beginning of a new era. Soviet leader Gorbachev shook hands with Reagan and smiled British “iron lady” Margaret Thatcher. It seemed that the great confrontation of systems is irrevocably a thing of the past. If so, who now to fear? What could be the obstacles for freedom of expression and dissemination of any information? The question is how and where to distribute it.

In his youth, Assange was involved “for stealing” databases, local telephone companies and attempts to divert money from the accounts of the banks. Then not much for this Zhurilo, and Julian even earned social capital, becoming a sinister hacker. Because even in first world countries on the computer then watched as the thing from the future or the achievements of young people who are sitting at home, unable to pull money out of the safes seemed to be something extraordinary. After assange even co-authored a book about hackers.

Until the middle of the two thousandth Julian — clerk telecommunications companies, which knows only a small circle of those who in the subject.

Perhaps the only advantage of Assange — that he was first on little hagenau Tropez a Internet technologies.

Today things have become more complicated, young professionals know and can do more than Assange in their years, but he was one of those that tear the laurels, leaving a plucked branch.

In all his glory Julian appeared after a series of scandals related to the project WikiLeaks. The created domain in the early 2000-ies has long been a blank, but at some point it was to grow materials from some sources “close to the intelligence services and governments.”

In fact, the impetus to world fame gave the video where the pilot of the us helicopter shooting civilians somewhere in Iraq. From his talks was that he is aware of what makes, and his leadership and especially no objection.

Next on the wave of hype from a few hundred thousand documents from the alleged official correspondence of the intelligence services, which suggests that the United States carried out global surveillance of everything, which can reach up to.

Especially impressionable young girls and boys gasped. For more experienced no revelations followed. The fact that the powers that be in the face saying one thing and doing behind dark matter, has long been known.

About what smile officials and diplomats is nothing more than the contraction of facial muscles, wrote sun Tzu and Machiavelli.

The fact that we are all under the hood müller, formulated Stirlitz.

The fact that the war — thing nasty, like politics, has been known for a long time also…

All drains Assange, the main thing was not the content of the documents. From what is seen under the skirt to eavesdrop Merkel and U.S. senators in the Smoking room, in fact, nothing has changed. 30 years ago, such information could cause a storm, like the Watergate scandal (wiretapping scandal ended with the resignation of US President Richard Nixon in 1974. — “WM”), and today it is the only reason for the hype that a maximum of a week will wash away the wave of other news.

Assange came up with the idea of freedom of speech, which no one has control over. This can be done through the Internet, because technically, to keep track of what was where flows where flows easy. However, people like it, have created technologies that, like everything else in our world, have a double-edged sharpening. By the way, as freedom of speech. Accustomed to the barrage of information mankind has been fed up with any information. What today is not seen in the broadcast? As the house explode, as the severed head as people tearing apart?..

As said the character of Arseny Tarkovsky film “Andrei Rublev”: “All the meanness and stupidity the human race has already made, and now it’s just repeating them.”

In fact, just after the publication of the video of the shooting of civilians in Iraq, the United States decided that all sorts of worthless vagrants to artists to cast a shadow on the most democratic army on earth. Assange decided to squeeze, but not completely, apparently decided “not to blame”. The first allegations arose in Sweden. Then was quickly removed. And again filed. Then Assange took refuge in London, but the rest was never found.

In the end, fleeing persecution, including from the United States, he took refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy, where he remained until April 11 of this year, when he was deprived of political asylum and extradited to England.

Oddly enough, the story of the prosecution of Assange on charges of use of substandard contraceptives against a citizen of Sweden, attracted much more attention than tons of incriminating documents.

Escape to the Embassy of Ecuador has caused more sympathetic than critical about the work of nonprofit organizations in Africa “under the roof” of the CIA. Coincidence? No. Just the mountain once again gave birth to a mouse.

In fact, dialectics is that things are reaching a breaking point, pass into its opposite. A huge selection of information, compromising — it’s like his absence. How to choose the most important document of several hundred thousand? What is the most important news of the daily strips? Who is more deserving of sympathy and assistance: the boy Vanya with leukemia that needs treatment only in Switzerland, the Chinese abandoned animals or homeless? Today, we can’t answer these questions, because the brain simply cannot handle the flow of information that circulates through the Internet.

The network, which had a hand and Assange himself, has become like a disaster, which is not controlled by anyone and doesn’t discriminate. Information squalls sweep today news in a few days. It’s stronger than a nuclear explosion! Perhaps because of its proximity to the process we don’t fully understand this effect.

Didn’t realize it and Assange himself. To be a hero in an era when the heroes of millions, but every user of “YouTube’s” becoming a star — not just difficult but pointless. How to be a truth-teller, where thousands of bloggers plow in the field tearing off the covers or revelations.

Of Assange, unfortunately, failed hero level of at least Elon musk, who promises the missions to Mars, or Mark Zuckerberg, who gave us Facebook.

Another polumogina, white hair which will be probably for some time a fashionable trend among the cushion of the wrestlers.

But what aplomb! How much noise and traffic around the common man. And the question is not, who allowed Assange to leak these documents or who gave them to him, or why he’s still alive? He’s alive because the ocean is not afraid of fish, like not afraid of individuals and the global information field.


The website WikiLeaks began to work on 4 October 2006. The project is designed for anonymous publication and analysis of documents that have become available due to information leakage. The first publications were the documents on the executions of government officials, who signed a Somali Sheikh Hassan Dahir ayvas. In many countries, the site is blocked, because of which he changed several addresses. From Russia access to it remains free.

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