From these features, iOS would be better.

IPhone users from around the world participated in a large-scale discussion of the features of Android that iOS lacks. Requests from iPhone owners has been extremely a lot, but four specific capabilities of Android users called most often.

Minimize incoming call

In iOS there is an unpleasant feature — the incoming call screen can’t roll. And this causes a lot of difficulties. The call interrupts the app or game, and this happens suddenly. In order to return to the previous task the user has to drop the call or answer it.

Android has long been realized ideal your incoming call screen. If the smartphone is used, the call appears in a small window that is only slightly closes the app or game. Moreover, this window can be minimized without dropping the call.

Setting the default application

An old dream of iPhone users is still relevant. Owners of smartphones Apple want to be able to choose default apps. For example, to install the Safari browser instead of the more usual Chrome or Firefox, and the regular mail app to replace the advanced solutions from the App Store. Yet on Apple’s plans for the introduction of such an option is not even hearsay.

Notification center

In iOS 12 , Apple made the long-awaited improvements to the notification Center. Alert finally became possible to group by applications, and not to them in General a chaotic list. However, users little. They desire that Apple “saw” any possibility of delaying notification for various periods of time, widget support and an extended information content. Some Apple fans do, and offer the company “to manufactured and copy the notification system with Android O”.

The system

iOS is considered to be a very closed operating system for users. In particular, the firmware enables you to manage the file system, that would be really handy when performing dozens of tasks. For example, for a much more simple download and install ringtones.

Introduced in iOS 11 Files, contrary to expectations and the name, do not provide users access directly to the file system. It’s just quite nice shell to manage documents and files in cloud storage. Users want more than that.

And what Android features are you missing in iOS?

Source:, Reddit.


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