All agree that the outgoing year was successful for Apple. Now cupertinos get 2/3 of all profits in the smartphone market and is far ahead in certain segments. However, the authors of the publication GSMArena sure that in 2019 from Apple have been both successful and unsuccessful products. In the last days of the year they made the list.

Successful products:
iPhone iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

Initially, some believed that the new Apple’s flagship smartphone could be in the category of the major setbacks of the year. However, due to its high performance and advanced main camera iPhone iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max has attracted a lot of attention. At the same time, many expect Apple’s even bigger breakout next year.

iPad 10.2

Released this year iPad 10.2 received not only a larger diagonal screen and support for Apple Pencil. The tablet has retained a high degree of autonomy, and its price remained at a relatively acceptable level.

Apple Watch Series 5

According to the authors GSMArena new Apple smart watch are excellent product. In the Apple Watch Series 5 screen appears with the mode of Always-on without reducing the operation time of the battery.

Failures of the year:

One of the main failures of the year journalists called wireless charging station, which the company announced in 2017. After a year and half after the official announcement all work on the accessory has been discontinued. According to unconfirmed reports, the cupertinos are faced with a large number of technical problems that are not given to produce AirPower.

iPhone 11

Despite the relatively high sales and positive reviews, GSMArena journalists “wrote” iPhone 11 in the category of failed Apple devices. This decision is explained by the presence in the smartphone “old” LCD screen, slow charging and very expensive. According to the journalists, for about the same amount users can buy the device for Android with the best screen and fast charging.


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