IPhone SE happy.

iPhone SE is rightly recognized by Apple fans one of the best smartphones. And even in large-scale surveys aimed at identifying the degree of satisfaction of users with their smartphones, iPhone SE regularly ranks in the top five. However, the main strong side of the iPhone SE, many do not even know.

Note: now iPhone SE is extremely affordable. The restored version of the smartphone can be bought for 13 990 rubles! The new version is a little more expensive — 18 490 rubles.

iPhone SE — the latest compact smartphone Apple. And according to recent rumors, the iPhone SE is likely to remain so forever, since Apple seems not going to release a new 4-inch smartphone.

More’s the pity. iPhone SE is one of the best smartphones on the preservation of the original battery capacity. This is the main strong point of the device. SE iPhone battery loses charge very reluctantly, that users very happy.

In two years of using the iPhone battery SE loses an average of 8% of the original capacity of the battery. This is evidenced by statistics compiled with the iOS that allows you to determine the current battery capacity of the iPhone. It can be used from just going to the menu “Settings” → “Battery” → “battery Status“.

It is understood that we are talking about average. Individual iPhone users SE the battery, of course, can lose their capacity much faster. It all depends on whether you use the device or not. About how to use the iPhone to its battery remained in perfect condition we have described in detail this material.

There is a small but still a chance that Apple presentation October 30, will be presented the new iPhone SE 2. The prerequisites for this are virtually none, but hope is until recently.


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