New AirPods will become much “smarter.”

Currently, Apple is developing two new models AirPods. The first model, which is now called AirPods S, will be released in spring 2019 and will receive a small amount of improvements. But the second, the output of which is scheduled for spring 2020, will become a full-fledged update AirPods. Today insiders revealed another innovation 2 AirPods, in addition to a fully updated design and enhanced sound.

According to insiders, Apple will make 2 AirPods headphones interchangeable. Each earphone will set new biometric sensors that can identify which ear the user has inserted the earpiece. Due to this, users do not have to think about what you want to insert ear each of the headphones. Also, the innovation will reduce the cost of earpiece replacement in case of loss.

In addition, a new biometric sensors in 2 AirPods headphones will add a number of features for tracking health. New AirPods will be more than the headphones, allowing users to monitor heart rate and body temperature in real time. This will give you the ability to track the status of the body during workouts.

It is expected that the AirPods 2 with the new biometric sensors will be released in 2020. For the first half of 2019, with Apple scheduled to launch the updated model AirPods first generation. It is known that the novelty will receive a charging case with wireless charging and an improved noise reduction system.


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