A discount is still relevant.

Leading retailers started to sum up the sales “Black Friday”, which was held last week. According to several online stores, the most popular smart phones on sale have become the budget model. Hardest different Apple and Xiaomi.

According to the published data of sales from Tmall and OZON, the sale of “Black Friday” Russians are most interested in cheap smartphones. In the course of sales budget models are even cheaper, and this has attracted the attention of buyers.

The best-selling smartphone of the Russians became the only relatively budget iPhone — 4-inch iPhone SE. On sale Black Friday smartphone cheaper by 2-3 thousand rubles, which fans of shopping was enough. Note that after “Black Friday” started on sale “Cyberpowerinc”, where iPhone SE also sold at a discount. The greatest discount for the smartphone is made on Tmall.

On the second place in popularity among Russians has become the best budget smartphone Xiaomi — Xiaomi Redmi 6A. In many online stores, the smartphone is sold at a decently reduced price of just 5 992 ruble. However, buy Redmi 5A at a discount, you can still — sale “Cyberpowerinc” is still going.

Retailers also stressed that popular at the sale was and best cheap Samsung smartphones and Samsung: Samsung Galaxy and Huawei A8 P20 Lite. The Russians bought these models despite the fact that the discounts on them were made by far the biggest.


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