Smartphones from Apple not in the top three.

Experts authoritative resource DxOMark conducted a comparative study and found out which smartphones are best suited for selfies. As it turned out, the best “frontalini” equipped Google Pixel 3, Samsung Galaxy Note9 and Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix.

Most testing has earned Google Pixel 3, scored 92 points. In second place in the ranking Galaxy Note9 with the same result. According to experts, Google Pixel 3 boasts an advanced focusing system PDAF and superb detail and Note9 Galaxy provides the best results for exposure and color.

Google Pixel 3 is superb selfie in normal conditions and in low light. The pictures are very detailed, but a bit noisy. Galaxy Note9, by contrast, sacrificed detail for the sake of “purity” of the image.

The third place ranking DxOMark ranked the Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix with a score of 84 points. “Frontalka” Mix Mi 3 allows you to shoot self-video is on par with Galaxy Note9, however, its photographic opportunities do not reach the Google Pixel 3 and Galaxy Note9.

On the fourth and fifth positions located iPhone XS Max and Galaxy S9+ (82 and 81 points respectively). The rest participants of the test from DxOMark scored less than 80 points. The sixth and seventh have a Google Pixel 2 (77 points) and Huawei Mate Pro 20 (75 points). On the eighth and ninth position — Galaxy S8 (73 points) and Huawei P20 Pro (72 points). Closes the top ten best selfie smartphones at the beginning of 2019 iPhone X, “frontalka” which received 71 points.

Source: DxOMark


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