The list was made before the release of the new iPhone.

Experts of the authoritative edition of Business Insider has conducted an extensive research and made a list of the best smartphones released in 2018. The experts said they chose the smartphone in terms of price and quality, including the list of only the best models.

Best smartphone of 2018, Business Insider called OnePlus 6. According to experts, this model is much better than other Android smartphones. The key advantages of the OnePlus 6 identifies the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, a large amount of memory (up to 8GB), and a great camera. The cost of a smartphone is $530, which is much less than other flagships 2018.

On the second and third places of a rating there is the new Samsung Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy S9 , respectively. Both smartphone received praise for the gorgeous large OLED displays, high-quality camera and impressive battery life. However, the Samsung smartphone is much more expensive. Note9 Galaxy for sale priced from $1000 and Galaxy S9 from $720.

On the fourth place of the list of the best smartphones in terms of price-quality LG Thinq G7. At Business Insider believe that this smartphone is very similar to the iPhone X in both appearance and capabilities, but is much cheaper. The price of LG Thinq G7 is equal to $750.

The top five smartphones was closed by budget Moto G6, the price of which is $250. Experts saw in this model a complete set of all modern features, large high-quality display and a good camera. All these features impressed the experts under the condition that price significantly less than flagships.

In the Business Insider said that Apple could not appear in the ranking, as the new iPhone will be presented. The presentation of the next-generation iPhone should pass in September. Learn about what new products to expect from Apple you can in this article.

Source: BI.


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