Google is preparing to “let go” of Android.

Over the past few years, Google actively engaged in the development of the new operating system OS Fuchsia. The platform needs to become a full replacement for Android smartphones, tablets, smart devices and even computers. Today checked the sources of the resource Bloomberg called the date of full transition to the Google Android OS on Fuchsia.

The death of Android is not far off

Google will completely abandon Android and will complete the development of the operating system in five years. In 2023, the company will cease to develop an Android, having transferred all of its powers ambitious operating system of the new generation Fuchsia OS.

The refusal of the Android will be phased in. Over the next three years Google translate on Fuchsia OS smart columns and new models of cheap laptops. Within two years the company will begin to produce Fuchsia OS for new smartphones and tablets, eventually completely abandoning Android.

Why do we need Google?

Google wants to get rid of dependence on third-party software development tools. Now Google creates Android in Java and Linux, and Fuchsia OS is developed using only its own platform.

The main advantage of this is the ability to create the most versatile operating system that will work and be updated on all devices at the same time (as is the case with Apple). While support for Android apps on OS is Fuchsia. Due to this, the transition to a new operating system should go unnoticed.

Experts believe that Apple will answer Google and its Fuchsia OS. From the company it be possible to release a powerfully updated version of iOS, or do a completely new firmware.

Source: Bloomberg.


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