Wait a relatively short time.

The technological world is actively preparing for the introduction of networks of mobile communication of the fifth generation. Some manufacturers even started to plan the release of smartphones with support for 5G, though originally a super-fast Internet will be able to use only one. And when the mass introduction of 5G will happen in Russia? Today, Russian officials called the first date.

The first truly mass introduction of 5G in Russia will happen in 2022. Ultra-fast and stable Internet connection in the next generation networks will be implemented in Moscow, including in the quarters of the renovation. This was stated by the representatives of the government of the capital.

However, about the regions the operators, of course, don’t forget. From 2022 5G will gradually appear in remote regions of Moscow. Experts emphasize that the speed of deployment of the fifth generation networks will largely depend on the incentives for operators to drive innovation. In addition, the authorities still need to be resolved at the legislative level, the issues related to 5G.

The emergence of 5G networks greatly change the world. The highest connection speed that is ten times faster than in LTE networks, will give a strong impetus to the development of the Internet of things, smart homes, telemedicine, unmanned vehicles and other advanced technologies.

Source: News.


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