Apple fans long waiting for him.

Proven insider resource Macworld said that he was able to learn a key innovation of the mobile operating system Apple next-generation. According to the source, in iOS 13 will be the long-awaited night mode. Thus, according to the insider, the dark mode will be supported on all mobile devices Apple with the iOS 13, not only on the models with OLED displays.

Night mode is not the first year is considered to be one of the most anticipated innovations in iOS. Moreover, in the last few years numerous leaks indicate that Apple’s going to add dark theme in the next major version of iOS. Such leaks have appeared before the release of all iOS versions starting from iOS 9.

However, night mode still not available to owners of iPhone and iPad, even assuming that the Apple flagships the last two years is equipped with OLED-displays. For iPhone X, iPhone XS iPhone XS Max night mode would be most useful, because thanks to him, the smartphones with OLED screens started to work longer without recharging.

But according to the insider, is expected to night mode in iOS 13. Prior to the presentation of the updates for a very long time — the firmware will be announced in June 2019 at a developers conference. Before the release of iOS 13 even longer — the update will be released in September next year. It is hoped that Apple’s plans for this time will not change.

Source: MW.


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