iPhone X was perhaps the most anticipated smartphone from Apple. And when he came out, all became almost the most desirable phone. But does this mean that the new product has become more reliable than previous generations of iPhone?

A long way to Olympus

The first time, users have reported many issues to the design of the iPhone X. A could not come to terms with the “cutout” for the sensors in the upper part of the apparatus. But after a while, when the wave of discontent has passed, most people are used to this “edge” is, and now no one looks with amazement on this smartphone. Moreover, the competitors in full copy to their phones.

It’s been more than six months after the start of sales, so now the service centers are unable to answer the most frequently asked questions about the iPhone X. How often bring? What most of the problems are with the camera? What is the cost of certain types of work? We asked our partner service center ModMac, to shed light on some of them.

How popular iPhone X?

The Network recently there was a rumor that sales of the new phone from Apple is too high, and that all information about sky-high company profit — only competent advertising campaign. However, the opposite information is confirmed by market analysts and representatives of the ModMac.

According to experts, iPhone X first of all new products from Apple, which so often bring to the service center. This model repaired four times more often than the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus combined. The device is obviously very popular among users. If you compare the number brought in to repair the iPhone 7 for the first six months of sales, the iPhone X here significantly outperforms its predecessors.

How reliable is the iPhone X?

As for breakage, there is virtually nothing has changed compared to older models. About half of the customers comes with a broken front glass iPhone X. the Problem lies in the fact that the matrix is on the latest iPhone in terms of reliability and quality is much worse than in the rest of the Apple smartphones. So often on the display begin to appear band, and even after a minor impact, the screen starts to “swim”. And it is hardly in OLED technology, since smartphones from other manufacturers with the same kind of matrices such massive problems is not observed.

Apple have been asked to add wireless charging to the iPhone. And in the latest generation of smartphone, they still decided to add this feature where the back panel had to make glass, and it’s not a very good influence on the reliability of the device. Approximately a third of all iPhone problems X are bound with a broken back panel. The benefit is not necessarily to completely change the case. The rear window though not very easy, but still possible to change separately, and the cost will be cheaper than replacement housing – 4 vs 490 7 990 rubles.

After iPhone 7 Apple added moisture protection, “flooded” vehicles had become considerably less. But, unfortunately, it is not. According to experts ingested water can damage the trail of voice dynamics. It can be replaced on the same original loop, but even after that ceases to work the facial recognition system Face ID. The problem is that Apple releasing their latest update, limited thereby repair the component. But the autopsy iPhone this train is easier to damage an inexperienced master.

If you broke just the glass on your iPhone X, in the service center ModMac.ru you can arrange a replacement in just 4 490 rubles. And pay only 300 rubles, you will be able to call the master to your office, home or café. He will repair on site in your presence.

As for repairs after water ingress, it can only be done in the service center because it requires special equipment that cannot be transported. The cost of repair depends on the damage and the average is 2 990 rubles.

But perhaps one of the most logical and reliable decisions will exchange broken iPhone to the new surcharge. Because in return your faulty or just bored of the iPhone, you get a new validating machine, in the original film and with individual serial number. To ensure the authenticity of the device by using the serial number on Apple’s official website.

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