The indicators of Russia, alas, not encouraging.

The availability of Apple smartphones in different countries is much different. Another proof of this has led the company’s specialists BankmyCell who conducted the study and found how many cups of beer is equivalent to X the price of iPhone in different countries. The difference is striking.

The most affordable iPhone on the ratio “price of mobile-price glass of beer” in Iceland. For the price of one iPhone X can only be purchased with 24 half liter glass of beer. A similar rate in Norway is 27 cups, the Israel — 32 mugs and Finland — 35 mugs.

At the bottom of the ranking is Vietnam. For the price of one iPhone X the people of the country can purchase 585 glasses of beer. Followed by Ukraine — 539 Beers and Russia — 505 glasses.

Also, experts BankmyCell considered wages how many days the inhabitants of the various countries will get if you turn in your iPhone X on the trade-in program. The highest rate in Egypt. The average citizen of this country will get the money for 51,3 working day upon delivery of your device. Next come the Ethiopia — 45.2 day, Nigeria — 43.8 day and India is 38.7 days.

Leaders in this rating are Bermuda. There upon delivery of the iPhone X on the trade-in program users will receive the equivalent of only 1.7 day. Next comes Switzerland — 2.1 day, Luxembourg — 2.5 days, Norway was 2.7 days and the United States — 2.8 days.

Russia in this list is located in the upper part. If the average Russian will hand over iPhone X on the trade-in program, get paid for 21.2 of the day.

Source: BankmyCell.


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