Former NASA engineer mark Rober came up with a way to take revenge on those who steal parcels. For this he has developed a special bomb and placed it in the box for speakers Apple HomePad.

The principle of operation is simple — the attacker decided to steal the premise, is at the epicenter of the explosion, consisting of the sequin and fetid srpei. In addition, Robert has equipped its device with four smartphones that instantly start to record the video and save it to the cloud.

The engineer gave the criminals a hint: the sender of the parcel it was Kevin McCallister, and recipients — Harry and Marv. It is the characters of the famous film “home Alone”.

To develop the traps, the Robert took six months, according to “360”.

As previously wrote the head of the Federal service for intellectual property (Rospatent) Grigory Ivliev said that the Russians in 2035 will be able to spare the heart. The head of Rospatent has said that he considers outstanding patents the invention of the specialists of the Siberian medical University. They have learned to create spinal cord tissue spinal cord and muscle tissue of the myocardium.

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