National Geographic on their website presented the best works of photographers of the city in 2018. All images can be downloaded for free on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

For user convenience the pictures are divided into several categories: nature, cities, people. Among the multitude of images will surely find something that will help to diversify boring standard set of Wallpapers for your iPhone. Especially this can be glad with the owners of models older than the 2017 model year.

The photos were taken in different parts of the world and show the diversity of the environment. For example, the crocodiles were captured in Costa Rica. Photographer Nicholas Weber was impressive to see how huge the animals stormed a small piece of land and can’t fit it all at once.

Photo is titled “Geometry of the Sun” allows us to look at the place where according to legends of the Mexicans was created by the gods. The inverted pyramid dedicated to the Sun God. In some time the light gets only on its two faces.

Sparkling dots on the work of Daniel Chunga help create the illusion. The viewer may seem that the girl in the red dress runs through the wormhole.

The collection includes a variety of color and mood of the work, many of which will be a good Wallpaper for the iPhone.


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