Some time ago, the head of Qualcomm said that in the coming months, the conflict with Apple can be resolved. However, judging by last actions of the chip maker, all develops in a somewhat different scenario. On the impossibility of a peaceful solution to all disputes claims and a representative of Foxconn.

According to the lawyer of one of the main manufacturing partners of Apple, none of the contract manufacturers are not negotiating with Qualcomm. Now everyone expects a new trial, which is scheduled for April next year.

And if the court will side with Foxconn and other contract manufacturers, the American chip maker can cause serious problems. This is due to the amount of compensation so as soon as Foxconn demands from Qualcomm about 9 billion dollars. Representatives of the Taiwanese company’s claim that such losses caused them by the chip maker. If you look at the available data, the conflict between Apple and Qualcomm, which has long affected other companies, not only not completed, but continues to gain momentum.

Apparently, next year the parties will continue to exchange claims and when it will end is not very clear. However, as it became known last week, Apple is already working to minimize its dependence on external manufacturers of modems. Network sources claim that the cupertinos have set a goal to develop a custom solution that will allow to refuse services of third-party companies.


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