Netflix has removed support for AirPlay for streaming Apple
Streaming giant Netflix has discontinued support for Apple AirPlay, the company revised its principles of support, to declare that the refusal of service is “due to technical restrictions.”

Streaming Netflix via AirPlay is supported in 2013, and has not been any major changes in AirPlay, which could break compatibility with Netflix. Thus, there is some suspicion that Netflix retaliates against Apple, which launched streaming service, which includes partnerships with many competitors of Netflix. Cult of Mac noted that iPhone and iPad users can still use other ways, including sending video to the Chromecast or TV that supports a 2nd screen Netflix, or just to connect their devices directly to the screen using HDMI cable through the adapter.

According to the Verge, Netflix explained that this step is associated with a growing number of third-party devices that support AirPlay 2 that, according to his statement, made it impossible for the delineation or certification of devices and “securing our quality standard for viewing”.

This is likely to be a minor inconvenience for most users than a serious obstacle: most smart TVs have built-in Netflix application, and it does not affect other ways of displaying this content on the screen (for example, using Apple TV or another device with the Netflix app, for example, Xbox) you Can also use mirroring already built in AirPlay that are still working. However, it will be quite unpleasant for people who regularly used this feature.

As noted by Mac Rumors, Netflix not only refused to participate in the new streaming service of Apple, but also banned from people subscribe to Netflix in the app for iOS in December 2018 (presumably to stop paying Apple). This situation is reminiscent of another, more intense conflict between Amazon and Google, which began in 2015. Then Amazon removed the Chromecast from your online store, and then Google blocked YouTube for Amazon Echo and Fire TV Show, although even then there have been workarounds.

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