According to the report “2018 Global Demand Television Report” from Parrot Analytics, Netflix controls 71% of the global SVOD market, but new services such as DC Universe, began to gain momentum.

A research company collected the data, analyzed the so-called “platform of expression of demand”, namely the number videostreaming, social media platforms, platforms for photo sharing, blogs, sites, and peer-to-peer platforms in 10 markets around the world. The company summarizes all expressions of demand for content and ranks it accordingly, while SVOD services, mainly Netflix, jealously guarding all official data on the disposition.

71% of the market share of Netflix is based on own figure “expressions of demand” from the Parrot. In 2018, the Parrot, in addition, revealed that the SVOD platform has released 319 original series, compared to 147, released a year earlier. Netflix has dominated in the category of original content, showing the premiere of 139 shows, and took almost two-thirds of the estimated $19.5 billion spent on content Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.

No. 1 in digital original content to 2018 is the TV series “Chilling adventures of Sabrina” and “Paper the house”, each of which had the highest demand in 2018 on three of the ten markets. Other internationally popular series 2018 include “Star trek: discovery” (on CBS All Access in the US and Netflix in other territories) and “Very strange things” from Netflix, each of which is a leader in two markets.

Despite the dominant position of Netflix, a report for the 2018 demonstrates some interesting speculation, given the upcoming arrival of large streaming services from Disney, Apple, WarnerMedia, NBCUniversal and others.

Service DC Universe devoted to superheroes and launched in the second half of 2018, won 7% of the global audience through adventure and action TV series just a few months. The titans finished the year in second place on demand, second only to “the chilling adventures of Sabrina”.

CBS All Access, similarly, is an American SVOD service, No. 4, keeping up with Hulu and Amazon (see graphic below), although at the time of launch in 2015 Netflix is already more than two years produced the content for “binge” viewing.

Below is a diagram from a report characterizing the U.S. market:

SOURCE: Deadline

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