According to tradition, shortly after the start of sales of the new AirPods specialists iFixit disassembled the new product and evaluated its maintainability. In a nutshell, the inside of the Apple wireless headphones the second generation has not changed too much. In this case, as the first version, to fix new AirPods almost impossible.

Judging by some of the innovations, the cupertinos have taken into account the experience of operating the original AirPods and I tried to fix some bugs. For example, in the AirPods second generation was enhanced by the joint case for the headphones. Also cupertinos further defended the cost of the case from moisture, causing it water-repellent coating.

As for the disassembly process, it was very difficult. In order to get to the innards of the case, experts had to use a vise, a knife and lining. When you do this, carefully remove the components failed. The plastic has left noticeable marks. In addition, the case has taken a lot of heat. Without this to get some components just didn’t work out.

To disassemble the headphones without damages also failed. Cupertinos very tightly placed all the components. In the compact case there was a place for the speaker, microphone, circuit Board Apple chip H1, antenna and battery.

In the process of dismantling it was found that the case is equipped with a battery capacity of 398 mAh, and the headphones themselves battery is used, to 93 mAh. On a scale of maintainability iFixit new AirPods got 0 points out of a possible 10.


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