App Porsche Road Trip app launched late last week on the iTunes platform, now it offers owners of models of the German brand of the best roads on Earth.

In order to use the app, owners of the Porsche just need to enter your desired duration of travel, someone can even choose two-day trip, and the app will find not only the road but also the ways of spending the night. In addition, the app selects the ideal route and provides recommendations for some restaurants and hotels that can meet on the road.

A very important point that the use of the app can even owners of the basic configurations. The service will be available directly through the infotainment system of the next generations of Porsche, the first car which will receive a new 911 next year.

Currently, the application contains routes in the countries of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the manufacturer promises that the list will grow as your application grows.

For those who just want to go on a spontaneous walk, the app can also recommend nearby road and even create a circular route.

You can download the app for Apple iTunes.

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