Recently, Tim cook met with investors of Apple in Cupertino, where CEO spoke about the company’s work on future devices.

Bloomberg reports that at this event Apple’s CEO was very optimistic about the current state of the company and its direction. In particular, Tim cook stated that the upcoming Apple products “frustrate the users of the roof.” As an example, he cited the great opportunities AirPods and Apple Watch, which, for example, received an innovative feature to monitor health status.

In addition, Tim cook announced plans to reduce the cost of the MacBook Air with Retina display for $1200 and doubling revenues by 2020 to $50 billion. This confirms the rumors about the conduct of the March 25 event dedicated to the services which can be presented a paid subscription to a news service and streaming video service.

They also talked about future plans for brand AR-points and processors for laptops and desktops. Note that in recent years Apple’s business in financial terms, expect the best, because the new iPhone has traditionally been the main source of income kupertinovtsy sold is not as expected. To improve the situation of the company she needs innovations that could revolutionize the market, as it was with the iPhone in 2007.

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