According to leaks, the global changes in the fifth generation of the Apple Watch, which will be presented sometime in the fall, should not be expected. But in the future the Cupertino-based company is preparing something really interesting. At least, it is said in the patent application Apple describes a sensor for determining the level of air pollution and support hours 5G.

Patents have discovered a resource to Patently Apple. According to the first application, the future Apple Watch will receive support 5G. This is quite logical, because the Apple Watch Series 4 are in the range of LTE. According to rumors, the company is required to submit its first 5G devices in 2020.

The second patent application describes the presence hours of the gas sensors based on metal oxides. This sensor is able to check the quality of the air. Since the Apple Watch is positioned by the company as a device to health, it is not surprising that such a sensor can appear.

Of course, having patents does not mean that such options will appear in future hours. Only time will tell.

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