Tell about new apps and major updates in the App Store, released last week.

Affinity Designer

The fastest, most convenient and advanced vector graphics editor for iPad. This is a terrific app, which has long been one of the most popular professional tools for designers and artists on Mac and PC. Now to use the program the owners of iPad Air 2, iPad Pro and iPad fifth generation.

Cost: temporarily 1090 rubles (1790 rubles without discounts)

Download Affinity Designer

Moment 3

Updated version of the popular hand-held camera for the iPhone. Moment turned into another analog Halide, but with a more logical and intuitive interface. The app allows you to adjust exposure, shutter speed, focus, and shoot in RAW format for later editing in professional photo editors like Lightroom.

Price: 379 rubles

Download Moment

Text Case

A small utility to change the case of the written text. If you need to gently make long text which for some reason is written in capital letters, the Text Case is the best solution that you can find in the App Store. The program changes the register automatically, leaving the title only in the beginning of the new proposals.

Price: 75 roubles

Download Case Text

Oilist 2

The new version Oilist will allow you to turn photos into beautiful paintings in various styles that mimic popular art movement from different eras. The update is the redesigned interface, and there are 40 new filters for pictures.

Price: 229 roubles

Download Oilist 2

Forget Me Note

An interesting application for those who may have difficulty remembering information. It allows you to create your own unique Wallpaper, which will be user-selected image and the text that you want to remember. It will be every time to meet the owner of the smartphone on the lock screen.

Price: 75 roubles

Download Forget Me Note


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