Tell about new apps and major updates in the App Store, released last week.

Day One

A popular utility for doing digital diary received minor changes of interface, and the ability to make sound recordings.

You now have a diary you can lead verbally. Or add the important sound bites of life, such as the first words of a child, the noise of the crowd at the concert of your favorite band and so on.


The developers of the organiser finally decided to refresh the look of their flagship product. Evernote have a new logo and new design applications for all platforms. New features are not added, but work with the changed interface is much nicer.

Rome: Total War

Studio Feral Interactive has decided not to stop at port of GRID Autosport and adapted another PC-the game for iPad and iPhone. Now on mobile device it is possible to conduct a large-scale bloody war. The developers have completely changed the management and leveraged technology Metal to achieve maximum comfort and high performance.


Updated tool for monitoring the mental and physical health. Welltory uses data collected from the Apple Watch and third-party programs to gain an overall clinical picture of the user. In the latest update, the developers have taught the application to determine the risk of processing and the level of productivity of a person.

Mailplane 4

A small add-on web Gmail interface that extends its functionality. Mailplane adds the ability to view emails without Internet, convenient notifications and tools for image annotations.


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