Apple is not the first year produces its own branded stylus. However, all this time, the cupertinos have not solved one of the major flaws of this accessory – Apple Pencil still need to carry separately from the iPad. But judging by one of Apple’s patents, in the future the situation may change.

Users of the popular forum Reddit were discovered in the patent portfolio Apple company interesting document. It describes the principle of the mounting of the stylus on the side of the tablet using a special magnetic connector. It is not excluded that the similar innovation will be implemented in the iPad Pro sample 2018.

In favor of this say not only various rumors. Rendering some users have already noticed unknown connector or button, which was located on the right side of the Apple tablet. Based on the information of the found patent, it can be concluded that rendering shows the magnetic holder for the Apple Pencil.

It should be noted that information about the new magnetic mount the iPad Pro is indirectly confirmed by another rumor. Recall that this week, 9to5mac, citing informed sources, reported the imminent announcement of Apple Pencil 2. According to available data updated Apple stylus pen will receive an additional chip, which will speed up the process of connecting Apple Pencil to the tablet.


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