10 September Apple presented the most anticipated gadget of the year iPhone 11. New disappoint — it has no particular innovation, but similar technology is already a year used Huawei mobile phones.

Someone else on the road

Vice President of Huawei once said Apple and Microsoft have an income three times higher, but Huawei’s three times more than development costs. According to the chief editor of the magazine “Mobile telecommunications” Leontius of Bukstein, this is the key to understanding the success of Asian companies.

Apparently, Арple still considers itself a market leader and does not understand what “the Chinese” took most of it.

“Even though the statistics “M. Video”, which we receive on the portal, the leaders are already in reverse order: Xiaomi, Huawei Honor, iPhone. Either lose the lead or the scent,” said Bukstein.

The frustration is understandable. Presented smartphones — “not failure, but a certain loss of face”. If the company considers itself a leader, then this reputation must be maintained. And in the new there is nothing “sort of”, except wide-angle camera, which has long appeared in the competition.

“I would not like to prophesy the extinction of the leader of the market of gadgets, but something tells me that this could be. I explain the attack on Huawei in the United States that if not curbed competitor so rough physically, then will the loss,” he added.

To be a pioneer with iPhone 11, Apple is unlikely to succeed. Although the quality of the device is beyond doubt, “but something was slightly missing.” Although it is not clear, he said, what else can you think of in this area.

New iPhone

The novelty has already been criticized in social networks. Users noted that a gadget like that for about a year already producing competitors.

“If you really know anything about phones, you’ll notice that the iPhone 11 has the form factor of the Huawei Mate 20, which was released a year ago. Just check the camera’s design. Now Apple teacher learns from the student Huawei”.

Along with the base model iPhone 11, Аррlе showed more pumped iPhone iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. The first is a screen with a diagonal of 6.1 inches, the camera with improved night shooting and slow, more a bright flash and some other bells and whistles. iPhone 11 Pro Max works five hours longer Xs Max, and 1 Pro — for four hours longer than the Xs. 30% accelerated work Face ID, in addition, now the phone recognizes the owner with a greater distance or at an angle.

In turn iPhone 11 Pro is able to remove virtually “quinocetone” video. It uses a function audiozoom — when approaching the object the sound emanating from them is louder. In iPhone 11 Pro Max a third camera for telephoto shots of distant objects.

The iPhone 11 will 60-74 thousand rubles, iPhone Pro — 90-122 thousands, of iPhone Pro Max is a 100 100-132 thousand rubles.

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