As it became known, recently, scientists accidentally discovered a new material that is able to speed up charging and increase the battery capacity.

Description of the invention

A team of scientists from Chris Howard (Chris Howard) and Mitch Watts (Mitch Watts) in attempts to separate in the 2D-plane layers of crystals of phosphorus found a number of useful properties of two-dimensional tapes. Uniform and adjustable width enables precise control of their properties, including especially the electricity. In addition, they are very flexible, allowing them to follow the shape of any surface, even uneven.

The ability of the new material

The structure of the nanoribbon postremoval will accelerate the movement of ions inside the battery 1000 times relative to today’s batteries. This will lead to a significant reduction in charging times and increase capacity by up to 50% with unchanged dimensions.

Release dates

Today the new material is tested in labs, so expect the beginning of its everyday use in commercial batteries in the near future should not.

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