Sources in the supply chain report that the next Apple smartphone can become even thinner. The cupertinos will help the new technology to create OLED displays. The sources noted that such innovation can only be realized in one of three new Apple smartphones.

A key feature of the new displays will be integrated touch layer. Thanks to this design, OLED panels thickness and weight of the smartphone can be somewhat reduced.

According to reports, the production of components will the company Samsung. The Korean giant has entered into agreements with suppliers of necessary parts and materials. It is noteworthy that the idea of using OLED screen with integrated touch layer of the iPhone was offered by Apple in the first half of this year. However, the first Apple smartphones with similar screens may appear on store shelves only at the end of next year.

Sources are confident that the volumes of production of new OLED displays are not very high. For this reason, these screens will only be used in the flagship model of the iPhone. However, the sources do not exclude that in the future the situation may change.


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