According to reports by Reuters, the Australian government is considering a bill requiring all technology corporations will be required to provide the authorities access to encrypted data for presentation of a warrant.

In the case of non-cooperation, the company faces a fine in the amount of 10 million Australian dollars — about 7.3 million US dollars. And its leaders may get a prison sentence.

In light of this, bill threatened Apple, which zealously protects the right of users to privacy.

Despite the fact that the company Tim cook was granted access to some reports on the decision of the court, for services like FaceTime and iMessage to make it technically impossible. When passing such messages are used end-to-end encryption, that is, to recognize the message can only be device secondary. The chain of transmission involved the Apple servers, but the Corporation itself has no access to the correct codes.

When a user enables iMessage on your phone, the device generates two pairs of keys for service: 1280-bit RS code, and 256-bit ECDSA key for registration NIST P-256 curve. Closure codes both pairs are stored in the Keychain of the device, and go to the open directory service is Apple’s (IDS), where they correlate with a phone number or email address and APN-the address of the gadget.

However, Apple continues to access the iCloud backups. They are subject to great from end-to-end encryption, so you can see more of iPhone stored on of information is technically possible. However, after a long dispute with the FBI Apple plans to implement end-to-end encryption for the data.

The initiative of the government of Australia has already been criticized by experts on cyber security from the University of New South Wales. In their view, the proposal says about the chaos and confusion in the governance of the country.


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