Apple is silent.

In the App Store began to appear more and more clones of apps from the same developers. Virtually identical applications are being actively promoted in the ranking of the App Store, which users can not find other unique applications. The issue drew the attention of TechCrunch.

Experts of TechCrunch noticed that in App Store there are more identical applications created by the same developers. Developers create one app, and after a few of his clones with a modified title and description. Further there is active promotion of such applications, which are in fact completely identical.

TechCrunch notes that such apps make the App Store worse for the users and not allow conscientious developers earn for their apps. The creators of the clone apps are able to bring them to the first places of the search, thereby limiting iPhone and iPad users in the selection.

Experts said that even a slight analysis showed the presence in the App Store dozens of similar apps-clones. Experts have called on Apple to solve the problem and clearly define the rules of adding similar apps in the App Store.

Source: TechCrunch.


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