Moscow, August 16 — “News. Economy” From April 2018 to March of the current indicator grew by 5%.

Photo: Alpha Stock Images

The total capitalization of the hundred largest companies in the world for the first time exceeded $21 trillion, considered in PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Thus, in comparison with the previous year market value review hundreds of enterprises increased by more than 5%. The experts note that the growth rate in 2018 was higher by almost 10 percentage points.

This significant gap is due to the fact that this year the increase in capitalization was due to American companies, while Chinese and European stagnated or even declined against the background of trade wars and uncertain prospects for Brexit.

Speaking on the geographical distribution in the ranking, more than half of the positions are occupied by companies from the United States. They occupy the first five places on the list: Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google and investgating the Oracle of Omaha’s Berkshire Hathaway. Further behind the United States with a substantial lead followed by China and the Old world. It is noteworthy that the only European company that could approach the top 10 was food manufacturer Nestle, took 13 line.

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