Only yesterday Apple started to sell its new brand covers with battery, compatible with iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR. However, some users have already managed to get acquainted with the updated Smart Battery Case a little closer and find out some of the features of the accessory.

At the moment most actively discussed capacity additional battery. According to available data, it is just 1 369 mAh. For comparison, in the Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6S used battery at 1 877 mAh and a version for iPhone 7 – 2 365 mAh.

However, journalists who have been able to try out the new Smart Battery Case, note that due to some design features of the new accessory must show themselves better than the predecessors. This is due to the fact that the new battery case is not one, but two segments. In addition, the batteries in the updated Smart Battery Case have a higher voltage. As a result, they potentially have greater capacity.

In addition to low battery capacity in the new Smart Battery Case users also actively discussed and a software limitation, not allowing to use case for iPhone XS iPhone with X. In General, the accessory is well suited for “ten”: not the same only cutouts for speaker and microphone. However, this does not interfere with use of the accessory.

The main problem is that when connecting a new Smart Battery Case for iPhone X on the screen appears: “This accessory is not supported by device”, and the case just doesn’t charge the iPhone. To circumvent this limitation only in the latest beta version iOS 12.1.3, just swipe the notification off the screen. It is possible that after the final version iOS 12.1.3 the compatibility issue will be resolved.


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