The fifth full-length album “7” is a cocktail sincere, sometimes intimate stories max Barsky and airy sound reinterpreted ‘ 80s.

“Creating a song, I tend to just talk about deep stuff. Compiling the album, I ruthlessly discard any song that violates the General topic of the dialogue. Because music is a dialogue with my listener that can and will be repeated many times for a long time in totally different situations and mood. In the album “7” I have become closer to their ideal formula of “pleasant listening” and “see eye to eye,” commented the Prime Minister Barsky.

Max Barskih (photo Oleg Phoenix)

According to the statistics stream, the new album of max great chances to break the record platinum LP “the Mist”. During the day after the opening of prerelease “7” plate finished in seventh place in the chart of Apple Music, now that is rare for pop artists. Typically, the Top 10 Apple Music are mainly albums hip-hop musicians.

Max Barskih (photo Oleg Phoenix)

The album’s lead single #BEREGA for 11 weeks sounded more than 320 000 times on 229 radio 1056 cities in more than 15 countries and topping the radio charts of top radio stations for three consecutive weeks. The eponymous video garnered about 15 million views, continuing to grow rapidly in their performance. Live version of the track “Strange” reached a million views, a Lyric video to “Remember” has already reached 10 million. But the most expected premiere from the album “7” will be a hit, “Unearthly”, chosen by fans during the show in Kiev IEC next single.

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