New track Christina Sargsyan “Mami” issued under the pseudonym Kristina Si was removed from the Apple Music the day after release. About this singer said on Twitter, and also posted the link to the conclusion of attorney review on the prohibition to register the rights on psevdonim without the consent of the artist.

— The law States that in such case, such company must obtain the consent of the artist who owns the alias. Moreover, this consent must also be explicit. And also, this check may not be used in any way against the artist, including this registration can not be made to prohibit in the future the artist to be creative with my screen name, the message reads.

The situation with the removal of songs Christina promised to comment on later.

In March 2018, it became known about the departure of the artist from the label Black Star, which she was forbidden to use her creative name. Later, Christine said that the company has registered her stage name as a trademark without her knowledge and consent. She also admitted that she strongly disliked songs that she was forced to perform in Black Star.

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