As you know, the Pirelli calendar cannot be bought in the nearest bookstore, but it can outbid the enterprising owner, who was lucky enough to be among the recipients of new year gift from Pirelli. A calendar for 2019 really has the potential to become a collector’s value, because its creation came from the officer of the order of the British Empire, albert Watson.

Forbes Life found five reasons to go in search of the new Pirelli calendar.

Albert Watson — the iconic photographer

The list of photographers who worked on the Pirelli calendar, like the index of names at the end of a textbook on the history of photography: Sarah moon, Richard Avedon, Peter Lindbergh, Mario Testino, Patrick Demarchelier, Annie Leibowitz and other well-deserved and famous. But few whose works are publicized as well as portraits of albert Watson. He’s the iconic photo of Alfred Hitchcock with a goose, and that his black-and-white portrait of Steve jobs made the cover of the biography of Apple co-founder.

In General Watson has offered to undertake the work on the calendar 20 years ago, but then the photographer did not accept the concept of: Watson did not want to shoot Topless girls on the beach. But the Scotsman gladly accepted the offer of Pirelli, when he was given complete freedom of action. Reflect on what new he can bring in all the usual calendar format, Watson decided to be on the ground not so much a photographer as Director. In the end, the calendar 2019 — a kind of storyboard of four short films dedicated to the power of dreams. The main roles here were women. The heroine, Gigi Hadid wants to break up with loneliness, actress Julia garner turned into a budding photographer, dancer misty Copeland seeks to conquer the forefront of leading theatres, and artist Laetitia Casta dreams of opening a personal exhibition.

The Return Of Laetitia Casta

French model and actress has appeared in the Pirelli calendar of 1999, which was the responsibility of the photographer is the Emblem of the Ritz, and the following year appeared before the lens of Annie Leibovitz. After that, the relations of French and Italian tyre manufacturer has paused. But in 40 years, Caste is back on the pages of the Pirelli calendar, and for that, albert Watson is to say a special thank you. Because along with the Caste on a calendar page back and eroticism, which the creators project recently run, as from fire.

Our man

In a couple of Letitia albert Watson put dancer Sergei Polunin, not so long ago received Russian citizenship. Watson himself admitted that he worked with Sergei, even if he was a plumber, although Polunin played almost himself. By the way, on the set of albert Watson had to work with a choreographer: the photographer himself put tango Polunin and Caste.

The model for a million dollars

Sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid — one of the most sought-after models of our time, and for 2018 23-year-old Gigi earned $9.5 million So we can say that to play the role of a wealthy resident of new York especially long it was not necessary. And given that instagram models are more than 45 million subscribers, the Pirelli calendar is manifested considerable interest.

It’s really a calendar

If the previous Pirelli calendars was more like a large photo album, the idea with the storyboard allowed Watson to return the calendar to its utilitarian function: 40 color and black-and-white images with a weekly timeline can be easily inserted into a special frame, which is mounted on the wall or placed on a table.

Explaining the idea behind the calendar, albert Watson said, “That dream has become a reality, you need to work hard. I was always moving forward step by step, from one goal to another, not from trying to get to the top of the stairs. Though sometimes I come up with the idea that this ladder is able to be extended indefinitely, but the top step is to recede further and further, I think that still makes sense to put myself once again from all more ambitious goals and aspirations.” And this is a great promise to start the new year.

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