We present to your attention the next issue of the news program news from Apple. Today we will talk about the iOS 12, the outcome of the WWDC 2018 and much more!

1.Apple to add in iPhone software protective function which will not allow law enforcement officers to access their content using tools like GrayKey. This writes The New York Times, citing representatives of the company. Innovation in branded smartphones will be one of the next updates of the operating system.

Apparently, in Cupertino still have not figured out what the vulnerability is exploited GrayKey to hack the system. The instrument connected to the smartphone via the Lightning simply picks up the passwords, bypassing somehow the limit on the number of incorrect combinations. Obviously, therefore, Apple found nothing better than to oblige users every hour to prove my identity when transmitting data via USB.

The new requirement, offering a password when you connect your iPhone to the computer, begins to act only with the release of iOS 12. Until the police have enough time to unlock the smartphones of hundreds, and when using a four-digit security combinations — even thousands of suspects.

GrayKey tool for hacking the iPhone, which is the development of an independent crime lab GrayShift, estimated at 15 and 30 thousand dollars depending on license type. The device allows you to hack any iPhone regardless of the version of the operating system in a matter of minutes, is widespread among law enforcement officers from around the world. As it turned out, they do not disdain to use even the police of Russia.

2.Apple Watch the next generation will lose the physical keys of the control interface. This writes Fast Company, citing sources. Despite the fact that the elements themselves will remain in place, pressing the side button and scrolling the Digital Crown will mimic the module Taptic Engine.

About his decision to abandon physical keys to interact with user interfaces of proprietary devices in favor of touch with the function simulate pressing Apple said in 2016. Then the new standard the control has been transferred not only iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but a MacBook.

Solid state controls have a number of advantages over physical keys with a stroke. First, it reduces the possibility of breakage as there is no mechanism. And secondly, increases the pressurization of the structure due to the lack of blank fields.

According to Fast Company, Apple Watch a revamped user interface controls should be out this fall. However, as the newspaper notes, there is a possibility that Cupertino may move the release of innovation, leaving it to the smart watch 2019 model year.

3.Mobile operating system iOS 12 brings not only improved performance and security, and many other improvements. For example, the process of unlocking iPhone with the help of technology Face ID has become easier.

IOS 11 iPhone owners X was given a few attempts at facial recognition, and then were asked to enter a passcode. When another scan using Face ID was impossible without going to the previous menu or without having to re-lock the smartphone.

In the new version of mobile operating system Apple, this problem was finally solved. Now to restart Face ID only need to swipe up on the screen asking for a password.

This decision, of course, facilitates the use of Face ID. Many users who installed a build for developers that have already appreciated this feature. Recall that iOS 12 will be available to owners of iOS devices this fall.

4.Apple revised its App Store rules, officially prohibiting developers to publish in the application directory for mining cryptocurrencies, reports Cryptovest. The new requirements also apply to programs for the promotion of ICO and trade cryptocurrency futures and tokens placed by organizations without the right to conduct such activities.

Despite the fact that the first Apple did not favor cryptogamic on the devices, formally it is not forbidden. As a rule, the official reason for removal from the App Store application with the mining function was their low energy efficiency. With this formulation, in particular, from the Apple app store has disappeared from the calendar of Studio Qbix.

As popularization of cryptocurrency mining has become a new way to monetize the app, regardless of platform. Function built-in cryptocurrency mining allows users to access paid content by paying the developer is not real money, and resource on your device. About the pitfalls of this kind of barter like increased wear of computational power is usually silent.

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