According to analysts JP Morgan, next year Apple will announce four new smartphones. And among the innovations there is a place like top-end devices with an OLED screen and support for 5G and more affordable models aimed at promising and emerging markets.

Experts say that the top Apple smartphone should be equipped with OLED screens with diagonals of 5.4, 6.1 and 6.7 inches, new 5G modems and advanced ToF cameras for 3D scanning of objects. However, analysts do not clarify whether all these options in the three devices or just one of them (the successor to the iPhone XR) will be available in a more modest modifications. For example, the ToF-camera.

With regard to the budget smartphone, aimed at emerging markets, for its size it is comparable to the iPhone 8. Analysts believe that this machine just will not support 5G and advanced camera. In addition, the budget iPhone may get a more modest hardware.

JP Morgan analysts believe that due to the large number of innovations and new low cost iPhone next year, Apple will be able to increase sales of its smartphones. According to experts, next year, the cupertinos will be able to supply the market with about 195 million iPhone.


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