Very unpleasant no constraint.

In August 2018, Russian operators started to repay the service of unlimited Internet. It is MTS and “Beeline“, but the nl instantly received a lot of criticism. Heaviest operators blamed for the fact that their unlimited Internet “without limits” is an important limitation of Internet distribution on Wi-Fi or USB. On the days your unlimited Internet launched a “Megaphone”, and he has this nasty limitation.

Distribute Internet can be — we checked

As soon as the “MegaFon” announced the launch of a possibility of unlimited Internet connection, we immediately decided to check it out. First and foremost, the fact that most of unlimited — operators are often hidden conditions or small print credited with existing restrictions.

It is important to note that with connection of unlimited plan is especially. So, for some subscribers it is completely free, for others — is estimated at 50 rubles a month, and the third is unavailable. Read more about how to know exactly what conditions unlimited Internet available right for you you can in this article.

Testing was simple — we had downloaded from the Steam service familiar to many game Fallout 4, which is 28 GB. Mobile Internet “Megaphone” was heard from smartphone to computer via Wi-Fi. The upload is successful and without problems — it took a little over an hour. The test proved that neither bandwidth limits nor the distribution of the Internet from “MegaFon” no.

The lack of restrictions on distribution of confirmed and Internet users. In particular, one of the subscribers of “MegaFon” posted on our channel in the “Zen”that he personally checked the distribution of Wi-Fi. The distribution of mobile Internet worked fine and was able to upload 40 GB in two hours. Interrupt the boot process was not.

Thus, at the moment, MegaFon is the only Russian operator that offers unlimited mobile Internet at a low price and without restrictions.


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