Moscow, September 18 — “News. Economy” this year, Apple decided to make a variety of name models of smartphones and released a phablet, replacing the title Plus Max. But if the naming is clear, then “budget” iPhone Xr, things are much more mysterious. Even Apple itself did not explain, what means “R” in the title.

Apple rarely gives an explanation letter in the model number of the smartphone products. The last time the secret of the letter “S” (“Speed” — speed) to the name “3GS” revealed in 2009 during the announcement of the iPhone 3GS.

However, the strategy names the new iPhone is becoming increasingly complex and unclear, a new theory from the well-known blogger John Gruber writing about Apple, suggests that “R” in XR the iPhone really doesn’t mean anything.

If someone in the media wrote about what it means “R” in the name iPhone Xr, it is likely that this is a fantasy of journalists. Letter “S” stuck in the names of the iPhone since 2009. To this day, preserved the tradition for the production of S-devices, where Apple often brings to mind and corrects those defects which occurred in the previous generation of smartphones, and also adds a few interesting functions, often updating the processor and the camera.

Says writer of the blog Daring Fireball John Gruber, the “C” in “5C” stands for “color” (color), although Apple never confirmed this theory. In a new post, the author claims that this time Apple itself has not yet been invented, which means “R” in the iPhone XR, guided in the selection of the sonority of the name.

“Here’s my guess: the “R” doesn’t mean anything specific. I can’t even imagine suitable words beginning with “R”, which could describe iPhone XR. I think that Apple just felt that the “XR” looks cool, sounds cool, and “R” before the “S” in the alphabet that subtly hints at the place of the XR product line is smaller than XS,” writes Gruber.

Apple declined to comment and explain the value of the letters in the names of the iPhone, reports Business Insider. Gruber writes that he copertina replied similarly, saying only that the company does not like to talk about the meaning of the letters in the names of smartphones.

So, at least for the moment, you probably shouldn’t expect that Apple will shed light on the idea of branding its new line of iPhone.

Gruber also writes that Apple is unlikely to argue that “X” in the names of the phones is often read as “x”, and not as the Roman numeral ten. Although about how to correctly pronounce “iPhone X”, Aple was just telling.

“My only guess as to why they [Apple] don’t like to talk about choosing certain names for their products, because they don’t care that millions of people will say “Ex-Ar” and “Ex-es”, which is consonant with the word “Excess” (Engl. “redundant”), though it is applicable to the smartphone for $1500. They trust intuition, believing that “x” looks cool, that’s all,” concludes Gruber.

How successful will the sale of the “budget” iPhone XR — will show time, the price of the smartphone starts from $750 (from 65 thousand in Russia). According to The Verge, iPhone, Xr will be released later due to problems with the displays. This model is equipped with a screen Retina Liquid, and last summer appeared a shortage of finished products.

The company Japan Display are unable to establish production on time and to leave the desired number of modules. Moreover, according to Ryan Reith from IDC, we are not talking about a hardware failure, and software defects. After all, before installing into smartphone screens need some way to configure and calibrate.

Reith noted that the lack of displays caused the postponement of the launch date. It is also confirmed by a senior analyst at Canalys Ben Stanton. He said that the only reason for the delay may be lack of components.

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