Unlike Apple, which releases new versions of OS for several generations of iPhone smartphones, with fresh versions of Android, things are not so good. Counterpoint Research analysts studied the situation with the OS updates for Android smartphones, checking how many of the gadgets in the 3rd quarter of 2018 have the current version of the OS at the time of sale and how fast they get the updates to Android Pie.

An average of about 25% in the market at the time of sale had the latest OS version, and a leader in the number of smartphones on the current version of Android is Nokia — 96% of phones of the brand had the Android Pie. Among the leaders were also brands Samsung (89%), Xiaomi (84%), Huawei (82%) and Lenovo (43%).

The speed of release of updates for its gadgets also leads Global HMD — 94% of Nokia smartphones got the latest version of Android within a year. Further according to the degree of efficiency of the release of Xiaomi are (62%), Lenovo (52%), Huawei (40%), Vivo (28%) and Samsung (23%).

The experts stressed that the preparation rate of Android updates for smartphones directly affects the safety of gadgets but not all the mass producers of smartphones believe that this part of their work important.

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