Not a bug, but a feature: experts explained the nature of “beauty mode” on the iPhone frontalka XS

The smoothing effect of selfie pictures, which were allegedly hidden in the front camera of the iPhone XS and XS Max, has nothing to do with beauty regime. This statement was made by the developers of photo apps for iOS Halide. According to them, the smoothing effect caused by the qualitatively different approach of the new smartphones to photograph, which is provided by hardware and software components, giving the impression of additional processing in the editor.

First of all, the smoothing of objects in photos taken with the front camera, is evident due to the active work of the built-in noise canceling mode, that sometimes works too well, taking the pilling on clothes for artifacts. In this sense, his work reminds me of the computer program of films about detectives, which by repeated scanning of the fragments of the frame to achieve the complete disappearance of pixilation and get ultimately a good shot.

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In addition, States the developers, the iPhone XS and XS Max a little differently working with the light. Their front-facing camera combine exposure, reducing the brightness in areas with wyswietlaj overexposure and dark areas of the frame. For this reason, photos taken in low light will be more smoothed than those that were made in daylight.

The same version confirmed a source familiar with the iOS development. He also stressed that Apple is not going to add to the iPhone XS and XS Max manual off-mode due to the lack of such. Most likely in one of the next updates of the OS, the company just slightly change the algorithms responsible to work the front camera, making the smoothing effect is not so outstanding.

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