Be careful!

iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the secondary market of Russia. And no wonder that the huge demand of the Russians on used iPhones are crooks. Lately…, “Julia” and other platforms, free ads actively used a new way of cheating users of the iPhone, the existence of which it is important to know all the owners of smartphones Apple.

Edition personally, faced with this way of divorce of the owners of the iPhone, and then found out that the method really became extremely popular in the last few months. It is noteworthy that in previous years, selling the iPhone at the sites of the ads, we have not met with similar attempts at deception. This means that method has been actively used only in 2018.

The essence of the method — something to fear?

Fraudsters contact people who sell their iPhone on the secondary market and initially behave like ordinary customers. They clarify the device status, its performance, etc. Then the scammers under various pretexts, asking the seller to take a photo of the receipt and the box from iPhone. More often than not this request is a desire to check iPhone warranty and originality.

If the seller sends a “potential buyer” photos, the scammers block the iPhone and demand a ransom for unlocking.

How is that possible?

Not everyone knows that if the check box and from the iPhone, the smartphone can remotely unlink from your Apple ID account or lock the current account. For this you need to contact customer support to let them know information about place of purchase, cost iPhone, as well as attach a photo of the check and packaging of your smartphone.

Receiving from the seller the desired photos, the scammers appeal to support remotely block iPhone and demand a ransom for unlocking. And people who are not familiar with the intricacies of the iPhone, you pay the money.

How not to fall for the trick?

Enough to know that when you sell iPhone on the secondary market to potential buyers in any case you cannot send a photo of the check and boxes from the smartphone. All such requests are scams, which, of course, and don’t plan to buy your iPhone. If you still fall for the trick of scammers, they in no case do not need to pay money. In this case you can contact Apple support, confirm that you are an iPhone and unlock it again.


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