Failures will affect 750 million people.

11 October there will be the first in the history of the Internet update the security settings of the global domain name system. Corporation on management of domain names and IP addresses (ICANN), which will hold update, warn that the transition to the new cryptographic keys may cause crashes. Part of the site may cease to be available for some users. It is also possible to slower loading of Internet resources.

October 11, ICANN will perform the first ever change a cryptographic key that protects domain names on the Internet. Because of the transition to a new Key Signing Key (KSK), part of users worldwide may have difficulty gaining access to various web resources.

It is expected that the most common manifestation of failure would be failing to open websites. However, it is likely that part of the web resource will be loaded much slower than usual. According to representatives of ICANN, they expect that problems will occur in a small percentage of the Internet users.

Cryptographic keys for the protection of domain names was introduced in 2010. Their main task is to protect Internet users from hackers who could intercept queries and change them for their own malicious.

Before the introduction of the protection keys at ICANN thought out schedule for their updates. The keys will be changed after five years or “if necessary”. The latter refers to the emergence of threats from hackers.

Despite the fact that the keys had changed yet in 2015, their replacement will happen only in 2018. Replacement postponed due to the fact that Internet providers simply were not ready for it. If the key was decided to change the earlier problems with the Internet access turned out to be significant. Now the majority of the Internet operators are ready to transition.

Problems after the introduction of new cryptographic keys Oct 11, will face about 750 million people, warned in ICANN.

Source: ICANN.


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