Experts advise to choose the VPN more carefully.

The company’s specialists Metric Labs have studied dozens of popular VPN apps for iOS and Android and found that 86% of them unsafe to use. Most VPN applications are not encrypted traffic, as part of the data being sent through Chinese servers.

In Metric Labs believe that users need a much more careful approach to the selection of the VPN client for iPhone or Android smartphones. The reason is that many VPN apps, particularly free ones, are clear signs of violations of the rules of the App Store and Google Play.

In 17 of the studied applications, the detected attempt to transmit part of traffic on the selected server and on a server located in China. In addition, many applications do not provide any information about his work or share a common privacy policy, which has nothing to do with VPN. With such application there are no web sites. What kind of servers they offer to users is not clear, experts believe.

Source: ML.


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